Tony Phuah
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Beginning with encounter of this website and introduction of “Limits to Growth”[PDF], I started to think a question: Why, after 40 years of publication of “The Limits to Growth”, we are still struggling to solve the sustainability problem?

That began my exploration of sustainability issues, System Dynamics, facilitation, ethics, sociocultural evolution, biological macroevolution, macro-history, Chinese’s philosophy, and nature of change (dynamics)—to learn what are the basics for life’s sustainability in this dynamic world.

The journey was captured in my old website. This website begins after I realised “Moderation is likely the principle for sustainability.” It’s good as long as not over-/excessive. 不過(度/份)就好。 Having bias is natural (diversity), good as long as it’s not over-.

It’s really a new stage of my life. While I may still bias to “thinking for sustainability”, I will not “for” too hard. Concern, but not anxious. Over-“for” just works opposite (more haste, less speed). Be moderate, and also moderate in moderation.

That’s why I move to this website, to better reflect this new stage of learning.

I’m still learning. How to identify it is over-? How to manage so that it is not over-? How to apply in everyday life? Is it the only basic for sustainability in dynamic world? … still a lot of questions. I am learning by doing it.

Coming from engineering and software background, I am new to this area. I begin to explore, share my thoughts and ideas to whom may interest. If you are the one, don’t hesitate to join. Any discussion, feedback and valuable contribution are appreciated.

Welcome to new Maya year.


Last updated: 26 October 2013