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I am aware of Panarchy Theory quite long ago, and think it make sense, but never think it is so deep until I read this report.

Understanding and coping with change is at the heart of resilience thinking.

Significantly, adaptive cycles are virtually universal. They take place at every level within the overlapping/nested hierarchy of subsystems at scales ranging from a leaf to the ecosphere and over periods ranging from days to geological epochs. On the human side, they affect individuals, communities, and entire sociopolitical regions over periods from months to centuries. Researchers use the term “panarchy” (literally, “ruling over everything”) to describe this nested hierarchy, since it transcends scales in time and space and extends across numerous academic disciplines. The emphasis in panarchy theory is to discover the role of recurring dynamics in systems adaptation: “If we can understand these cycles, it seems possible to evaluate their contribution to sustainability and to identify the points at which a system is capable of accepting positive change, the points where it is vulnerable.”

This is closely related to my idea of moderation!


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